JG Green Drumsticks

JG Green JGSD2 General model drumsticks are here!Buy @ Steve Weiss Music

With a round tip and a long taper, these sticks have a perfect balance and are easy to play - perfect for everyday general playing.  Hand-turned from American Hickory, JG Green drumsticks are made from wood that is both sustainable and responsibly harvested - and they are recyclable too.

JG Green Sticks JG Green Sticks JG Green Sticks

Length: 16.75" (45.5cm)
Diameter: 0.625" (about 16mm)
Weight: About 65g per stick

JG Green JGSD1 SmallBuy @ Steve Weiss Music

A small round tip and a long taper make these sticks perfect for soft snare drum passages, such as Kije or Scheherazade.  They also sound great on drumset too!

JG Green Sticks JG Green Sticks

Length: 16.25" (41cm)
Diameter: 0.500" (13mm)
Weight: About 50g per stick

Recycling JG Green Sticks

Many facilities will recycle wood products - search in your local area for more information.  If you are unable to find a facility in your area, you can send the sticks back to JGpercussion when you're finished with them, and we will recycle them for you.

Email info@JGpercussion.com for more information on recycling.

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